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Athletic Chilean Girl With A Mended Family

For my Multicultural Education class we were asked to create a Cultural Diorama, a representation of the cultural influences that have shaped my life, that is illustrated through 3 artifacts. These are mine:

An Artichoke


To most people an artichoke is simply a vegetable, and not only a vegetable, but a rather strange one at that. To me, it says so much more. It reminds me of my childhood, of the bond I developed with my dad, and of the strong ties I have to growing up in Chile. As a child I used to go to the farmer’s market with my dad every Saturday morning and we would buy lots of fresh produce, all for very cheap prices because it was grown locally. I remember specifically buying artichoke because we would eat them every Sunday, every member of my family getting their own. Eating one now is such a treat and it reminds me of the blessing it was to have such fresh produce and to spend that Saturday morning one on one with my dad as we interacted with the very energetic and friendly local sellers.

My Athletic Shoes


ImageExercise has always been a very important part of my routine. From ballet, to volleyball, to tennis, to yoga, and now to running, it has all been about incorporating some kind of movement that helps me de-stress and focus better at everything else I do. My parents always stressed the importance of exercise and of using that energy to help me be more successful in all the other areas of my life. An important aspect that I see when I look at my running shoes today is that I’ve ran in them for miles and miles and they still have so much wear left to go. I’ve ran a half marathon and will start training for a full shortly. I love that my shoes represent all the hardship and work that might have come with my journey to train for games, matches, recitals, and races. I also look at my shoes and think about how they all have this wear because I always push myself hard and find great motivation in doing things I didn’t think I could.

My sister


Those adorable chubby cheeks and that jet black hair bear absolutely no resemblance to me, but she was clearly chosen as a member of my family in the pre-existence. Katelyn is adopted from Chile, and her presence in my family reminds us of a tragedy and of the greatest blessing of our lives all at the same time. We adopted Katelyn shortly after my little brother Hunter died, and she was definitely a missing link that mended our family back together at a time when we felt so broken. When I look at her I am reminded of the importance of my faith and of eternal families, of the joy she brought into an empty home, and of the kind and friendly people she reminds me of from my childhood in Chile.

These artifacts all show how my culture and my identity have been affected by a variety of influences. I’ve experienced loss and great blessings, used great determination and effort to find success, and interacted with people that were different than me, but that showed me what it means to be truly kind to others. I feel that I’ve led a very rich life up to now, filled with experiences that have shaped my personality and abilities to interact with the world around me.


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